The Cousin Itt Wedding Gown Collection

The Cousin Itt Wedding Gown Collection

Taking Orders Now for The Cousin Itt Wedding Gown Collection — One Size Fits All! (Designer and Photographer Unknown)

Would you wear this crazy outfit?  Don’t you think the groom would run out of the church as fast as he could if the bride came down the aisle in this “dress”?

Why Did She Wear This?

  • Perhaps the Bride and Groom were going camping on their honeymoon and she decided to just wear the tent to save on packing space.
  • Or, perhaps her dress didn’t fit, so she grabbed the shower curtain out of the bathroom, stuck a bow on top of her head, and voilà, wedding gown!

I want to see what the bridesmaids’ dresses looked like!

I know that designers like to put outrageous outfits on the runway, but seriously, this hits a new low.

(“Cousin Itt” a.k.a. “Cousin It” is a fictional character created by Charles Addams, creator of The Addams Family.)

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