About WTF Was That Outfit

About WTF Was That Outfit?

Here is some information about WTF Was That Outfit?  If you are reading this you probably have a keen sense of style and an interest in fashion.  WTF Was That Outfit is all about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the magnificence of style and fashion.  Let’s have fun with fashion, share stories, and laugh a little…or a lot.


Who Am I?

I’m L. A. Rose, owner of Hollywood Fashion Makeup.  Most of you know me as a makeup artist and may follow my blog, 365CosmeticReviews.com, but actually my first love is fashion.  I’m a personal fashion stylist and I also create custom designs for select clientele through my line, DecoRoseCouture.  I fell in love with fashion long before I discovered eyeliner and lipstick.


Fashion Speaks VOLUMES:

I find fashion offers the greatest opportunity for self-expression and creativity.  So much can be ascertained about someone’s personality from their clothing.  Whether you know it or not, your clothing choices send very loud messages to all who see you.  We instantly formulate opinions about people based strictly upon their attire.  Within seconds, your subconscious mind decides if someone is affluent, poor, educated, backward, sophisticated, conservative, liberal, trend savvy, and/or even overtly sexual.  Think about that the next time you get dressed.  (She says with an evil laugh.)


How Long Have I Been Working In Fashion?

My love affair with all things fashion began a very long time ago.  I displayed the fashion bug at the ripe old age of two when I refused to wear the outfit my mother selected for me and insisted on choosing my own.  My mother not only allowed this behavior, but encouraged it.  She thought that such an action showed decision-making qualities and artistic expression.  By the age of six, my mother was actually allowing me to style her clients.  In my teens, I started my own fashion business and began producing shows.


My Fashion Attitude:

What is my attitude about fashion?  Have fun with it; take some risks.  Ignore the “Rules”.  Fashion is fashion, it is not nuclear physics.  I’m tall, slender, over 40 and I still wear short skirts, proudly.  Yes, I know all of the “fashion experts” (there is no such thing) will tell you not to ever wear a skirt above your knees over the age of 35.  I don’t agree.  I say it depends solely upon the legs.  Some 16-year-old girls should not wear mini-skirts.  Some women in their sixties still look fabulous and have great legs.  No matter what I, or anyone else tells you, if you feel good in something, wear it!

Remember, “Fashion is what you buy; Style is how you wear it!”  L. A. Rose


What Are You Going To See On WTF Was That Outfit?

This site is for fashion advice, tips, tricks and mostly entertainment.  WTF Was That Outfit doesn’t just mean that we are going to show you horrible outfits or clothing gone terribly wrong.  A WTF vote can also mean that was one of the most incredibly beautiful outfits ever and we salute you.


Outfit Rating Scale:

If you have visited my website, 365CosmeticReviews.com, you know that I like ratings.  So, I have devised a fashion-rating scale, too.  Here it is.

1 Star = This is so bad that it actually might have merit as a Halloween or Cosplay costume.

2 Stars = If you wear this in the house, even your cat will laugh at you.

3 Stars = If you wear this on a first date, chances are you won’t get a second.

4 Stars = You will definitely get attention in this outfit (the kind you want).

5 Stars = I hope that comes in my size because I HAVE to have it!  Now!!!


Disclaimer:  This site is intended for entertainment and informational purposes, only.  Some outfits shown are those that we have photographed ourselves.  Some people have signed releases allowing their photos to appear.  Faces may be blurred to protect the identity of the wearer.  Some photos are taken from the public domain.  If the photos are not our own, we will give credit to the photographer if we can discover their identity.  Many times, no information is available as to the identity of the photographer.  If we post a photograph that is yours, and you can prove that it is yours, please write to us and we will be happy to give you credit.  If we publish a photograph of you, and you can prove that it is you, we will be happy to remove it upon written request.  We will never intentionally violate any copyright or other laws.  If we have somehow offended you, we apologize, but any comments are posted in good fun.  Lighten up, laugh at yourself, and you’ll have a better day.   🙂